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OptiMale provide men in the UK with medical services & advice to treat the symptoms of low testosterone. Think you might have low testosterone? Find out by taking our online questionnaire, or with a testosterone blood test:
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Low testosterone and testosterone deficiency are huge issues for men today, but they are not widely understood or openly discussed.

Some men are even misdiagnosed with depression or other disorders, but most men are suffering in silence with the symptoms:

Low sex drive


Erectile dysfunction


Poor mood & grumpiness


Anxiety and low confidence


Lack of motivation


Inability to concentrate/brain fog


Scientific studies show that 1 in 4 men over the age of 30 may have abnormally low testosterone levels

Source: Endocrine Society


How can I get tested & treated?

Blood test

1. Order your testosterone blood tests

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2. Our team will contact you to discuss your blood test results


3. Consultation with our UK based doctor


4. If you are approved for treatment, get your prescription to your door


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The benefits of treatment for low testosterone

✔ Increased strength and muscle size

✔ Better sex life and libido

✔ Improved well-being

✔ Greater confidence

✔ Increased assertiveness

✔ Better concentration and drive

✔ Less anxiety

✔ Deeper, more stable voice

✔ Improved outlook on life

✔ Increased bone density

✔ Reduced bodyfat levels

✔ Better sleep

✔ Reduced IBS and Crohn’s disease symptoms

Quick, safe, legal treatment for low testosterone is here

 Talk to a medical professional today who understands how to treat low testosterone. Our registered UK GMC doctors can provide safe, legal treatment to your door.

Are you one of the 1 in 4 men over the age of 30 with low testosterone?

Feel like you are not quite yourself anymore?

Arguing with your other half and grumpy all the time?

At OptiMale we want you to be yourself again.

We help you to be a better husband, lose that weight, focus on your business and look better!

Our mission is to help the growing number of men suffering the symptoms of low testosterone get tested, and provide them with options to get treated so they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.


We do this with blood tests, and expert analysis of patients’ symptoms.

We work with experienced, hand-picked UK GMC Doctors who specialise in treating low testosterone and testosterone deficiency.

For our patients’ convenience, and thanks to modern technology, the blood tests can often be done from the comfort of your home, we can also use blood tests you have already had done.

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT is the use of testosterone medications to replace the body’s natural production, when testosterone is not being produced naturally in large enough quantities.

As we get older our testosterone levels drop, leaving us tired, grumpy and unable to perform at our best.

This is now starting to happen to men earlier and earlier – sometimes even in their 20’s.

At OptiMale we carefully balance your hormones to help you feel your best.


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